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Some comments sent to the Sunflower Project

May Peace prevail and bloom like the SUNFLOWER. ~ New Delhi, India
The idea is magestic,the concept devine, notice us and think of freedom. ~ Auk/NZ

Give peace a chance ~ UK
The sunflower , in its emblematic beauty, nurtures the hope for everlasting peace. ~ TX
We must protect our most valuable resource, our planet. ~ NJ/USA

may peace prevail ~ NC/USA
We have a packet of "mammoth Russian" ready to go! ~ NV/USA
A pleasing idea, an appropriate symbol, a Green reality. ~ NY/USA
we owe it to all the children of the world to leave the world a better place - they give us so much. all people, animals, nature is in our care - i will plant sunflowers to express my commitment. thank you ~ NY/USA

Yes Yes Yes Sunflowers it is!

We're in, I like it :]

We will plant Sunflowers!! And we will pass on the word.

collective consciousness can change things. sunflowers is a good start. let's make this a better place to live. ~ NJ/USA
Thank you for sharing a shining light which shows the way to peace and love for our mother earth. ~ WA/USA
One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but that itis a means by which we arrive at that goal.We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means. Martin Luther King Jr. ~ AK/USA
We have lots of sunflowers and join in your effort. Jonah  House Community. ~ Baltimore MD
What a great idea-- a happy, beautiful flower in a dreary place-- or any place! sometimes the greatest reactions come from the smallest actions. ~ New York
This is really great. Let us be as bright and dauntless as sunflowers in pursuing peace. ~ Japan

Long may my sunflower plant help sustain life on this planet. ~ Aukland/NZ

This is something that can make a difference. We only have one spaceship, EARTH. Let's keep is running smoothly. CA/USA
Pour La Paix! ~ Paris/France

Choose to see a world of peace ~ WV/USA
the beauty of the large glowing sun, let it shine on for the future generations ~ Melb/AU
It's a flower that smiles. I like its practical as well as its symbolic attributes. ~ NJ/USA

i love sunflowers and trust this is a good idea...

to every sunflower...(interesting history).

We should all do something, no matter how small, toward our common goal of peace and caring for the earth ~ IL/USA
To attain peace we must work for justice. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. ~ USA
When the quality of Humanity catches up to the elegance of Technolgy our world will be a better place! ~ MI/USA

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