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Born Again by Laurence Cherniak
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The Sunflower Project is a global appeal to all people on planet earth concerned about nuclear war, pollution, violence, injustice, and threats to the balance of nature -- to plant at least one sunflower seed in a sunny place where it will be noticed. This simple, yet radical act of planting a seed will demonstrate the energy, simplicity, and practicality of nature.

The incredible sunflower turns its head to follow the sun and provides seeds to eat, fiber for materials, medicine to heal, a golden yellow dye, and oil. It offers shade and beauty. It is a symbol of our hope for Nature and for Peace.

We make a collective, conscious, and powerful statement by planting sunflowers where they will be noticed -- in vacant lots, fields, along roadways, city streets, at schools, surrounding toxic waste sites, reservoirs, threatened open space, along stretches of railroad, parking lots, playgrounds, around places of worship, and in gardens. We encourage all to plant a sunflower seed and watch it grow to become a majestic symbol -- to summon harmony between humans, and with nature - toward peace on earth.

telling us where you are planting seeds and photos of your sunflowers for posting

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